Local Search Domination

Target Interested Customers

Get your business in-front of thousands of interested & qualified customers who are already searching online for your business or dealership in the areas you currently operate.

Attract Over 90% of Interested Customers You’re Failing to Reach!

 Interested Vs Non-Interested

An Interested Customer is someone who is actively searching for your services, products or inventory online, using search engines/social media to find what’s available in their area.

Over 90% likely to convert into business!

Non-Interested Customer is someone who companies advertise to, in an attempt to garner interest for their service/product at a high cost. Fewer opportunities to engage this type of consumer exist.

Less than 5% likely to convert into business.

That's a Huge Difference!

Most businesses & dealerships fail to reach 90%+ of interested, qualified customers who are searching for services, products, or inventory in their local area everyday. Our customer targeting solution is one-of-a-kind, giving you the opportunity to reach those qualified customers who are actively looking for your business or dealership right now!

Advanced Customer Targeting

We Get Interested & Qualified Customers to Focus on You

Through innovative and advanced customer targeting technology, combined with necessary digital products, Native Rank provides the following customer targeting capabilities:


Services, Products & Inventory

Locations, Service Areas & Markets

Brand, Industry & Messaging

State, Regional, National & Global

Who’s It For?

Small Businesses:

For Realtors:

Large Corporations

Healthcare Personel

The Customer Journey

Understanding Your Customer Targeting Solution Through the Customer Journey


1. Customer Search for What They Need

  • Customer searches on mobile and desktop for products, inventory, services, and/or information


2. Customers Find Your Business

  • Customer sees your business in search results for your services, products, inventory, and/or information based on their location.


3. Customer Engages with Your Business

  • Customer clicks on search results and goes to your website and/or your Google My Business


4. Customers Interact & Engage with Your Website or GMB

  • Customer searches on mobile and desktop for products, inventory, services, and/or information.

Ready to Attract Interested Customers?

What’s Included?

When you subscribe to our customer targeting solution, we provide your business with the other necessary digital products for free to utilize and accomplish getting your business in front of interested, qualified customers.

Customer Targeting Solution

Customer Targeting Technology

Customer Targeting Strategy

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization & Management

Google Business Profile Inventory Implementation

Location Listings Optimization & Management

Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

DMS & CRM Integrations

Contact Us – Start Attracting Qualified Customers

If your business or dealership is ready to attract interested & qualified customers, get started with us today and take advantage of our Advanced Customer Targeting Solution.

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